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What It Is

Road to Imagine is a representation of the Magento ecosystem; four friends who met through the Magento ecosystem that are embarking on an epic trip culminating with Magento Imagine 2017 as their final destination.

Who Is It

Road to Imagine is a real life example of the Magento ecosystem positively affecting people’s lives and businesses. The participants include a Magento retailer, a Magento agency, a Magento front end-designer, and a Magento extension, all of whom met because of Magento Imagine & the Magento Community.

  • Brendan Falkowski, a thought leader on design and front end development who will be delivering his fifth Magento Imagine Conference speaker session.
  • Kuba Zwolinski, CEO of SNOW.DOG; a full service agency & Magento Silver Solution Partner.
  • Bret Rasmussen, CEO of KURU Footwear, a successful Magento retailer.
  • Steve Deckert, Co-Founder of Sweet Tooth, a loyalty app for Magento.
  • Piotr Kosmala, MD of SNOW.DOG Germany
  • Spencer


We often claim that Magento has an incredible community, but these claims are difficult to express tangibly. Magento will be using #RoadToImagine as a way to tell a real life story about the Magento ecosystem’s power. We will use #roadToImagine to support good cause and have fun :)

What You Get

Your sponsorship of #RoadToImagine provides the following benefits to a limited number of sponsors:

  • Get better visibility before and during Magento Imagine 2017. Your company or brand name tagged in multiple social media posts for the entire week leading up to the conference.
  • Your company logo/brand on the signage at the Magento swag store during Magento Imagine 2017.
  • Your company stickers (if provided in advance of the trip) placed on the motorcycle of each participant.
  • Bicycles, with your stickers, will be on display during the Pre-Imagine party on Sunday evening.
  • Representation on the official Road to Imagine website,
  • Smile on kids faces after donating to Island Dolphin Care

Show your support for the Magento ecosystem while gaining exposure before and during Magento Imagine 2017.

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Four friends. One passion. One goal. #RoadToImagine