What’s your #RoadToImagine ?

Every year more than 2500 Magento professionals from all over the world come to Vegas to share knowledge & experience to build better commerce. some of us have to travel 3 hours, some 3 days, for some others #roadToImagine starts right after last year edition…

Some people may ask why we are so excited ¬†about that, Magento is “just a business” they say… ¬†Magento is a great business, that’s fact but for most of us “Magento” means also the whole ecosystem with amazing real people who became friends and use business as a great excuse to do something fun together….

Don’t wait and show what’s your Road To Imagine! Just tag your adventures on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! If you want to know about our #RoadToImagine 2017 stay tuned for hashtag #imagine48h :)

Four friends. One passion. One goal. #RoadToImagine