#imagine48h – can we make it?

Are you ready for Imagine 2017? You should. Imagine is the biggest event in the Magento universe and it is right around the corner. If you attended Imagine in 2016, you might remember our #RoadToImagine trip.

After weighing options, we’ve decided to change the #RoadToImagine concept a bit. We want to make this year’s #RoadToImagine bigger, but we can’t do this by ourselves. We wanted #RoadToImagine to include more than our original crew. We think this will be bigger, more exciting, and more inclusive for everyone than simply doing the same thing with the same people.

Road To Imagine 2017

We’re revising our website with some new tools to map and document the journey of everyone in the Magento community that is participating in #RoadToImagine. We’ll share more info about this soon. We also couldn’t resist putting together another road trip of our own too…

Four of us will ride a bicycle from the Magento offices in Culver City to the Wynn Las Vegas. Our goal is to ride the full 320 miles in 48 hours. We will have two support motorcycles that start from Magento Headquarters in San Francisco to join our bicycle group in LA for the most epic trip across the desert.

It’s Vegas, so we made a bet: can we make it in under 48 hours?

Riding For Charity

Last year’s trip was only possible because of the generosity and trust of our Partners & Sponsors — big thanks to all of them! This year we budgeted to complete this trip without sponsor funding by using our personal or donated equipment.

Our goal this year is to use #RoadToImagine to raise awareness and gather money for charity. We hope some of you are interested in supporting us through donations instead of sponsorship.

Each of us may select a recipient dear to us, but our initial recipient is Island Dolphin Care — a friendly non-profit organization helping children with special needs.

So, there it is, a bigger idea for the 2017 #RoadToImagine!

Become A Charity Supporter

Please, contact us if you want to become our partner and support a good cause.

Share your journey using #RoadToImagine.

See you all in Vegas!


Four friends. One passion. One goal. #RoadToImagine