Day 8: Olancha to Las Vegas

We woke up late. Maybe we all just needed that sleep after late arrival to Olancha last night. I was all set for road a little bit earlier than rest and was looking around for some nice photo spots.

Roads we love #snowdogontour #roadtoimagine

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Sign and landscape behind was so tempting… After quick chat to landlady I knew that there is a nice dirt road up to the mountains where we could hike to some picturesque waterfalls. Definitely there was no time for hiking, but 4o min dirt road ride should give my friends just enough time to finish packing 🙂

It was fun! Nice winding dirt road thru desert, with a little bit of soft sand and rocks and one river dry bed on the way. Finally had right surface to test all-terrain tires in my Triumph, what caused some wobbling on the highway, worked great on dirt and rocks. I’d love to keep riding like that all day… 40 min passed quick, way too quick. Riding Death Valley dirt roads sounds like a great plan for next year.

Was high time to start last stage of our trip, other way we couldn’t make it on time to get inside Wynn.

Death Valley ride was one of a kind. Wide winding roads with almost no traffic, going g up and down, left, right, left, right… Almost perfect motorcycle fun. Why almost?

For most of our trip we had pretty nice weather, a little bit of cold, rain, fog but nothing serious. There was only one time we got into heavy rain, right in the middle of Death Valley desert… What could be more obvious place to get soaked?

Arriving to Wynn was an awesome experience. One of the most luxury hotels in Vegas, Magento friends waiting by the entrance and our four dirty bikes on marble… Quite unique.

To finish such a great trip, we had to find good place to park our bikes. After 3100 miles they deserved something special. And got it. What could be better that some nice place with pool, food and drinks? Only such place with friends around 🙂 Yeah! We got inside Wynn, to join famous #Preimagine party! Fluffy carpets, shiny marble and our bikes, that was even better than main entrance arrival, perfect finish this year #RoadToImagine.

I think it's most unusual place I parked my bike ever #roadtoimagine #vegasbaby #motorbike #adventurebike

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#snowdogontour #vegasbaby #roadtoimagine

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Four friends. One passion. One goal. #RoadToImagine