Day 3: Bend to Cave Junction

Crater Lake, OR

After a cold, long day 2, we had a good sleep on a bed in Bend, OR. Kuba was able to find some of the best breakfast sandwiches we’ve ever had. After uploading our pictures, writing our posts, and packing up, we hit the road bound for Crater Lake.

Crater Lake is a mountain lake formed from a volcano erupting and blowing its top off. It’s beautiful. The ride to it is almost as beautiful; winding, twisty roads that have 10 feet of snow on both sides of the road. It felt like we were in a video game. After reaching the summit, we were greeted by 15 foot walls of snow. The view of the lake itself is breathtaking. We took some pictures and were sure to fly the Magento flag.

Leaving Crater Lake we realized that we needed gas. We found the nearest gas “station” at a summer camp. The gas pumps, like the summer camp, were closed. We needed to figure something out.

We rode with a close eye on our fuel economy, and coasted down a lot of hills in neutral. We finally found a gas station, filled up, and hit the road again.

Riding pretty quickly we made it to Cave Junction, OR, where we found a nice Mexican restaurant. Kuba at his meal in record time, while Bret enjoyed some free Magento consultation from Kuba, Brendan, & Steve. We’ll send him the bill later.

Just outside of town we found a camp site and set up for the night. The stars were beautiful and we fell asleep to the sound of a babbling creek. Day 3 was a long, but beautiful day. Next stop: California.

Four friends. One passion. One goal. #RoadToImagine